sacred music

Iss dein Brot mit Freuden, for four-part choir a capella. Words from Ecclesiastes 9:7

Judith-Lieder, for soprano, violin and piano. Lyrice: Michael Herschel. Op. 90, 2017. For Sirka Schwartz-Uppendieck. I. Danse macabre II. Der Kopf III. Pizzicato

Gesang der Argula, for soprano and orchestra. Lyrics: Michael Herschel. Op. 82, 2016

Magdalenen-Lieder, for soprano, flute and piano, lyrics: Michael Herrschel. Op. 79, 2015

  • 1.: Abschied vom Licht 
  • 2.: Nacht. Stimmen
  • 3.: Flügel der Seele

Drei Stücke für Orgel (Three pieces for organ). Op 75, 2014

  • - “Wer mir nachfolgt” (Joh 8,12, “he that followeth me”) (Notenbsp.75_1)
  • “Aber sprich nu rein Wort” (Mt 8,8 “but speak the only word”) (Notenbsp.75_2)
  • - "Sie aber zogen aus..." (Mk 16,20 “and they went forth”) (Notenbsp.75_3)

"Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt" ("for this is the way God loved the world"), for string quartet in five movements for the five days of Easter. Op. 53, 2009 (Notenbsp.53_1)(Notenbsp.53_2)(Hörproben53_2)(Notenbsp.53_3)(Notenbsp.53_4)(Notenbsp.53_5)

Introitus und Fugato, for organ and sextet of woodwind instruments, two movements, 10 minutes. Op. 52, 2009 (Notenbsp.52_1)(Notenbsp.52_2)

Magnificat, for four-voiced children's choir with one solo and organ. Op. 40, 2005

91. Psalm - for baritone or mezzo-soprano and organ. For my son Leander. Op. 36, 2005

Missa in Tempore Terroris, for solo-mezzo soprano, solo-baritone, four-voiced choir and organ. Op. 22, 2002

Sonnengesang des Heiligen Franziskus (Canticle of the sun from Francis of Assisi) - for baritone or mezzo-soprano and organ. Op.21, 2002

"Ich muss selbst Sonne sein" ("I have to be the sun myself") for trumpet, organ and percussion. Op. 5, 1993 (Furore Verlag, Kassel)