Iss dein Brot mit Freuden, (words from Ecclesiastes 9:7), for four-part choir acapella. Op.92, 2018

Cantos de Ifigenia, three poems by Michèle Najlis for three-voiced women's choir. Op. 58, 2010

Magnificat, for four-voiced children's choir with one solo and organ. Op. 40, 2005

Missa in Tempore Terroris, for solo-mezzo soprano, solo-baritone, four-voiced choir and organ. Op. 22, 2002 

Three poems by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. Op. 17, 2001

  • 1. Lied der Welt (Song of the World),
  • 2. Manche freilich (Some Certainly),
  • 3. Lebenslied (Song of Live)

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