Welcome to my website!

This is the web site of the composer and music teacher Tina Ternes.

Thank you for visiting my web site! Are you interested in contemporary music or are you searching for music especially by women composers? Perhaps you need pieces for a special chamber music instrumentation, for example a duo for two bassoons, or you are looking for something new for your students you might want to enter into a music competition? In this case you are in the right place. I invite you to look through my list of works. There you'll find chamber music as well as pieces for orchestra or choir, musicals or sacred music. You'll also find examples to listen to. Under 'sheet music' you'll find the first page of several pieces. If you are interested in something, please do contact me by selecting 'contact'. I can send you the non-edited scores. Concerning published works you'll find the name of the edition there. Thank you so much for your interest in my music.

All the best, Tina Ternes